Intro to Art Therapy

Intro to Art Therapy

Continuing Education
December 6, 2023
+3 GMT
Carol Hammal, MA
Carol Hammal, MA
Art Psychotherapist & O7 Academy Director

Carol is an Egyptian art psychotherapist. She is Egypt's first trained art therapist and has played a significant role in developing the art therapy field in her home country. She received her Master's Degree in Art Therapy & Counselling from Drexel University in Philadelphia and is a digital art therapy consultant. Carol is also a member of the American Art Therapy Association and has guest lectured on the integration of digital art therapy tools in clinical and medical settings.

Course Description
In this workshop, attendees are offered an insightful lecture, followed by an interactive hands-on experience using a variety of art materials – participants have the opportunity to explore different art mediums, and understand the meanings and symbols of their drawings.
Key Learning outcomes

- Gain knowledge of what Art Therapy is and is not.

- Learn the history and theory of Art Therapy, and how it is applied with various populations, both adults and children.

- How to understand your own drawings and art.

- How to identify pathological artwork (for example: artwork that shows signs of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, brain damage, developmental delays, etc.).

Required Materials list: - 1 eraser - 1 sharpener - 1 pack of 12 coloured pencils - 1 pack of 12 markers - 1 pack of 12 oil pastels - 1 pack of water colours - 1 set of 12 acrylic or gouache tubes - 1 plastic disposable cup - 1 small pack of tissues (portable) - 1 #4 round brush - 1 #8 round brush - 1 #6 flat brush - 1 #10 flat brush - 6 elastic bands - 1 medium pack of “Jovi” plasticine (white is preferable colour) - 6 sheets of A3 paper - 1 pen - 1 small notepad (A5 sized)
Attending this workshop does not qualify to practice art therapy as a therapy modality.
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