First Therapist Gathering

First Therapist Gathering

O7 Therapy has made strides, hosting their First Official Therapist Gathering, bringing together some of the most reputable psychiatrists, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and health-tech investors in MENA, all involved in the O7 network.

“We started out as two guys who realized they needed therapy, and needed it to be safe and secure…” CSO and Co-Founder Nader Iskander on O7’s beginnings.

On Friday, October 16th, five months post-launch, O7 Therapy brought together mental health partners and leading academics from Kasr Alainy Cairo University, The Psychiatry Center at Ain Shams University, the American University in Cairo, as well as folks from some of the most prominent mental health clinics and hospitals in the region.

O7 Advisory Board members: Prof. Dr. Tarek Okasha, Prof. Dr. Mona El Rakhawy, and Prof. Dr. Jaime Mendoza spoke on advances in mental health services throughout our current circumstances, using different therapeutic approaches online to deliver the best care in and for the MENA region, and how to work as a collaborative team for robust healthcare.

The Founders of O7 presented the mission of the O7 Therapy Mobile App and platform for the coming season, and nurtured the vision of working together—enabling holistic mental healthcare, discussing how to ensure meaningful and relevant impact, and importantly ending the stigma and shame around seeking help.

The evening was spent putting faces to prominent names, connecting on challenges and solutions in the field, and intertwining a network of professionals with a shared vision of empowering Arabic-speaking people in their pursuit of a journey to mental wellness.