O7 Therapy Has Officially Launched

O7 Therapy Has Officially Launched

O7 Therapy Has Officially Launched Its Platform as the Vanguard of Refined Mental Health Services in the MENA Region, and for Arabic-Speaking People Worldwide

With foresight and dynamism, O7 Therapy has entered the telemedicine industry, as an integrated bilingual online therapy platform and mobile app. Breaking out amidst theCoronavirus pandemic, the platform is prepared to serve Arabic-speakers in a time of instability and anxiety, providing access to mental wellness from the comfort of people’s homes. As the O7 Therapy mantra states: ‘Help Starts Here.’

In June 2020 O7 Therapy officially launched, providing nuanced end-to-end solutions for mental health care. O7 Therapy is a refined, scientific, and evidence-based online platform, established to support a person’s ongoing journey to mental wellness. The network is meticulously curated with hand-picked Arabic-speaking psychiatrists and psychotherapists, eminent in their respective specialities—having launched with over 70 of the regions most accomplished professionals. Founded on the conviction that every individual deserves the opportunity to pursue wellness and healing, together the O7 Founders established a userfriendly platform that ensures security and safety, using trusted protocols for data-encryption and storage.

O7 Therapy is founded and driven by experientially diverse pioneers in respective fields, including: Dr. Ashraf Bacheet, Dr. Ashraf Adel, and Eng. Nader Iskander, each with over 25 years of experience in healthcare and technology. The O7 Founders are backboned with the strategic advisory of: Prof. Dr. Tarek Okasha, Prof. Dr. Jaime Mendoza, and Prof. Dr. Mona El Rakahwy, to ensure comprehensive healthcare. Co-Founder Dr. Ashraf Adel, also Founder of the prominent and distinguished clinic, nine psychology and Associate Professor in the Psychiatric Department at Cairo University, resolves: “a person needs to be seen holistically and in-depth,” and thus envisions O7 Therapy being the answer to that calling.

With advanced technology at the forefront of this launch, the O7 Team has developed, programmed, and integrated a provisional assessment, the O7 Therapy Matching Tool, which functions exclusively via designed AI-based matching algorithms. The Tool is tailored to connect clients with a set of ideal therapists specialized in the difficulties identified by the questionnaire and is created to support effective therapy.

As it seems, O7 Therapy is living proof that technology has the capacity to bridge the gaps in holistic healthcare by reaching its full value, through accessibility and excellence. Still fresh on the ground, O7 Therapy is revolutionizing the definition of online therapeutic support, and is committed to providing polished, collaborative, and meaningful mental health services for Arabic-speaking people globally.