Mission Mental Health: Red Rock International and O7 Therapy Partner to Redefine Corporate Wellness Post-Pandemic

With foresight and expertise, O7 Therapy and Red Rock International Egypt (RRI) come together to redefine wellness at work post-pandemic. With a shared vision of open and safe dialogue, facilitation, and employee wellbeing programming, this partnership integrates tools for corporate mental wellness and approaches organizations’ health holistically

RRI was created to help people live their best life at work. By influencing attitudes, developing skills, and building relationships RRI has helped tens of thousands of people lead better lives at work and beyond. O7 is a digital platform and mobile app that exists to raise the bar in mental health solutions for Arabic-speakers, organizations, and corporations around the world. By providing online therapy and psycho-educational resources, O7 gives access to meaningful and impactful mental wellness.

Together, this partnership works as a catalyst shift in corporate culture and responsibility post-Covid. Like most entities around the world, corporations and their teams at large have been dramatically destabilized since the fall of the pandemic, causing not only ineffective and unproductive work systems, but also breaking down employee morale, ability to perform, and motivation to grow. With an emphasis on readiness to go back to the office, stress management, and customized wellness programs, this partnership recognizes that the modern employee experience cannot ignore mental health.

With advanced technology and experts in employee motivation, wellness, and effectiveness at the forefront of this movement, this partnership prepares MENA-based organizations with the tools to adapt in a post-pandemic state, and thrive both on a business and personal front, amidst what is now our new normal.

Learn more on how your company can benefit from this partnership, and how you can take a step towards your organization’s wellness

Together we will dismantle the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace, and are prepared to unlock your organization’s full potential.” – Ashraf Bacheet, CEO of O7 Therapy