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The O7 Academy Vision

Our vision is to elevate the quality of mental healthcare by enhancing practice standards, thereby positioning O7 Therapy and O7 Academy as the region's hub for mental health.

Academy Departments

1. Continuing Education 

At O7 Academy, we recognize the critical importance of therapists staying current and continuously advancing their knowledge and skills to excel in their field. That's why we have developed a wide range of comprehensive continuing education options tailored specifically for therapists.

Educational Courses Unit:

Therapists engage in dynamic trainings, interactive workshops, and engaging webinars, led by experienced instructors and facilitators.

Training & Certification Unit:
Certified programs provide credentialed therapy tools offered by certified trainers, helping therapists increase their array of specialized interventions within the mental health field.
By joining our continuing education program, therapists embark on a transformative journey of professional growth and development. They gain the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to provide the highest quality care to their clients while staying at the forefront of the evolving mental health landscape.

2. Supervision Department

At O7 Academy, we understand the significance of supervision in elevating therapists' clinical practice and maintaining the quality of care they provide.

Our supervision program is open to qualified and licensed therapists with a minimum of an MA degree, as well as Master's students fulfilling their clinical supervision hours during their clinical practicum (subject to prior assessment).

Sessions can be conducted in individual, group, or peer formats. Through supervision, therapists engage in reflective dialogue, receive feedback, and refine their therapeutic approaches, where they benefit from the guidance, insights, and diverse perspectives of their supervisors.

3. Field Training Department 

O7 Academy provides two distinct opportunities for therapists: internships and placement programs with practicum hours.

Internship Program:

It is tailored for mental health students seeking experience in a mental health setting. It offers a structured learning environment through the O7 Therapy headquarters, allowing students to view the bigger picture behind providing mental healthcare through supporting different departments such as corporate psychology, marketing...etc.

Placement Program (with Clinical Practicum Hours):
This provides an avenue for therapists at various stages of their graduate education.
This program is open to qualified individuals, including Master's, PhD, and Residency program participants. It serves as a training site where therapists can gain valuable hands-on experience and accumulate the necessary practicum hours to meet their academic or licensure requirements, in coordination with the supervision department.

Both opportunities at O7 Academy aim to foster professional growth and development, providing real-world experiences that enrich therapists' educational journey.

4. Research Department

O7 Academy is committed to fostering a research-driven environment for therapists, offering valuable resources and opportunities to engage in academic exploration. Our research department provides the following:

Academic Literature Sessions:
Therapists can participate in sessions where they collaboratively review academic literature relevant to their practice or potential research areas. These sessions serve as a guide to inform and enhance their therapeutic approaches.

Academic Research:
O7 Academy facilitates research opportunities, enabling therapists to conduct studies and contribute to the field. We encourage therapists to explore their research interests and provide the necessary support and resources to facilitate their projects.

Publication and Database Access:
We maintain a comprehensive publication database that therapists can access for literature review and secondary research purposes. This database serves as a valuable resource for staying up-to-date with the latest research findings in the field.

Case Management Meetings:
Case management meetings are a time to discuss complex cases from an academic & practical perspective so that therapists have a better understanding of how such cases are better tackled in sessions.

At O7 Academy, we believe in the synergy between practice and research, empowering therapists to integrate evidence-based approaches and contribute to the advancement of mental healthcare.

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