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Introducing the first Sports Psychology Program in MENA, directed by Dr. Sherif  Zaher, a former professional athlete, coach, and clinical psychologist.

What is Sports and Performance Enhancement Program?

One of the main differences between amateur and professional athletes is the ability to consistently deliver high level performances, which is a feat that can only be achieved throw mastering specific mental skills.

Sport Psychology is a form of psychotherapy focused on enhancing mental skills and strategies designed to assist in overcoming challenges negatively impacting emotional, psychological, and athletic functioning.

Program Benefits

Learn how to  think and act  like a champion

Gain expertise in  outlining mental  game plans

Develop coping  skills to overcome  performance barriers

Acquire a mindset  that maximizes your  potential

Notable clients who have used Dr. Zaher's winning mindset program  

Program Offering

Teams/Clubs Support

Complete care model, providing various levels of assistance to athletes, coaches, and parents.

Individual Sessions for Athletes

One-on-one private sessions designed specifically to meet your needs.

Topic Specific Workshops

Group Workshops which include: stress management, focus, confidence, goal-setting, managing and recovering from injuries, etc.

Non-Sport Performance Enhancement

For individuals who are looking to improve their mindset (for example: entertainers and top executive employers).

Why Sports Psychology?

There are several barriers that are commonly experienced while performing that negatively impact the process, and ultimately the desired outcome. Developing mental skills to navigate and overcome these challenges is how we are able to tap into a state of flow, also commonly known as the zone, where peak performance is achieved. Athletes working on their mindset gain a mental edge on their competition, which is often the key component to winning.

Seeing a Sports Psychologist will improve your:

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If you have a passion for sports, and would like to know how you can maximize your or your athletes full potential, this program is for you.‍